I've been a musician for longer than I can remember. I have vague memories of sitting at a piano plonking keys and singing idle words almost 40 years ago.

I know that the music is ingrained in me. With this, I've been a performer in bands for the best part of my late teens all the way through to right before the pandemic.

Why am I talking about my musical lilt and being in bands when this post is all about the power of group coaching?

Here's why.

Imagine the best band you've ever seen.*

Each of these individuals plays a part in their group; each has an individual voice and is their own expert when it comes to their instrument. They play 'off of' each other and bounce ideas back and forth, resonating and expanding on what came before. They don't purposefully tread on each others' toes or crowd their sonic space.

They listen first and only then do they respond. They feel what's going on and make themselves a part of it.

This is the power of the group.

When you join a coaching group what do you actually get?

The three biggies are this: community, accountability, and 'group power'.

Get ready for your community.

You’re coming together with likeminded individuals in both small working groups and as a community of creative freelance business-owners at large.

Within this community you have the support of people who are in a similar spot to you; their skills, expertise, or place on their journey. You have a safe space to be your unique self every time you all come together.

The community takes away the loneliness and isolation that can come with running a creative freelance business; that 'doing it all by yourself' thing. It doesn't need to get 'too people-y' if you don't want it to, either. You can engage on your terms.

You gain accountability partners.

The members of your small group become the people who will help you stay on track and check in with you when it comes to 'doing the thing' and achieving the goals you set out for yourself. This is - again - something that you might feel you're missing because you are running your business all on your lonesome.

What's even better is that this accountability comes with ZERO judgement!

Because everyone is an individual and respects that no two scenarios are the same, nobody will judge you for missing a target, slipping behind where you want to be, or for just having a shitty day. They'll raise you up and bring back the focus.

A magic window - Photo by Gabriel Kraus, Unsplash

Group power.

This is the magic.

This is the 'playing off of each other' that makes the best bands the best bands.

Within the group you listen first, always. Then you share; you share your knowledge and your experience. You can relate to each other's contributions because you've either been there yourself or it's shone a light on something you might not have known before.

You gain a variety of perspectives and viewpoints that you might not have access to. Hell, you might even disagree; that's part of being human.

What matters most is that the group does it with care, support, and respect for each other.

Joining a group

If you feel you're ready to find your 'best band' and make the most harmonious noise, I'd love to talk to you. You can find all information about the Creative Freelance Freedom programme over at tomjepsoncreative.com/groupcoaching or you can send me a message.

There's no cost or commitment to have chat and feel out if the group is right for you.

Whatever you're doing between now and then... just do YOU.

*For me, the 'best band' title is a toss up between Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and Meshuggah. They all have a je ne c'est qua which ties them together far beyond the notes they're playing.