Design the professional life you want

(and say no to the things you don’t)

Hey there, you amazing, creative freelancer!

You’re doing awesome things for awesome people.

You’re making enough money to keep yourself afloat; you’re doing work that looks like it fits the bill on paper; you are pretty content most of the time too!

This business stuff though... you’re starting to feel fragmented; your time’s getting away from you. You’re finding yourself chasing down work that ‘sort of’ fits the bill and 
it’s pushing you back towards stressful ways of working.

The FOMO, the short-term view, the ‘got-no-work-on’ panic…

It all adds up and sends you right back to that 9-to-5 grind as you scramble to land work, lowball yourself, and ignore your true value.

It’s time for you to embrace what you really stand for, let go of things you don’t want to do, and choose your clients, projects, and direction.

Take control of your professional life; I am here to help you.

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Tom is a caring person and inspired me with positivity; he has a talent in helping people look clearly inside their ideas. The weekly 1:1 sessions were meaningful. I would highly recommend consultations with Tom for those wanting to explore their ideas and take them to the next level.

Sachio N. (Entrepreneur, Stanford LEAD Regional Ambassador)

Supporting creative-industry freelancers the world over to design the work life they want around the things that matter to them.

Hello! I'm Tom. I'm here to help you take control of your career, and design the creative professional life you want to lead.

I'm an ICF-trained coach and have been a designer for well over a decade, working with companies of all shapes and sizes to create websites, apps, services and more. The best part of my work has always been the conversations I have with people; sharing insights and learning every step of the way.

I understand what it can take to feel truly successful in your creative life and the toll it takes when you don't.

Creative work is deeply personal and, whether you believe it or not, it runs through you.

Everyone should have access to support at whatever stage they're at in their career journey.


With no industry peers to set me in the right direction, I approached Tom for advice. We had a really useful session which helped me understand where my strengths were and where I could develop. Tom doesn’t focus on telling you what you should do but how best to understand your own skills. I’m starting a job as an Interaction Designer so the proof is there!

Murray L. (UX Designer)

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