Find your spark!

1:1 coaching for creatively-focussed individuals.

I help creative people like you develop a growth mindset, find focus in your work, and lead your best creative life.

You live for creative work, big ideas, and problem solving.

You're aware of what's what but you feel you're missing something. Are you drifting in your work or looking for a new direction? Are you trying to regain some creative focus?

Seeing the wood for the trees and working out what the hell you need to do next can be a challenge when you’re going it alone.

You need a guide; someone who can ‘read the map’ so you can focus on putting one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

As a coach for creative people just like you I'm here to help you find your spark, empower you to make the most of your unique skills, and develop your creative mindset.


As your coach, I want to understand and help you articulate what makes you tick as a creative person.


Together we'll learn what matters most to you and where you should be focussing your energy.


You've got aspirations and goals; I will help you put your best foot forward and step towards achieving them.

A little about me.

Hi, I'm Tom! I'm a coach (you knew that) and design consultant.

I've been a designer for over a decade, working with companies of all shapes and sizes to create websites, apps, services and more. The best part of my work has always been the conversations I have with people; the satisfaction of sharing knowledge and taking the opportunity to understand someone just that little bit better.

This love for conversation and learning is what drew me to coaching.

My coaching mission.

We know that our creativity and our creative work is heavily entwined with us as individuals. It's often an expression of who we are; how we feel; what we want to say to the world.

There are so many factors which can affect our creativity which is why I am here; to help people like you regain your focus, find your spark, and ignite your creative fire.

With coachees I explore their mindset and how they approach their work; what 'creativity' means to them and what their goals are within it; other aspects of their life that might be having an effect, things which can be controlled and also things which can't.

Together, we find ways to identify and address the challenges, and find strategies to reach the goals that mean the most to them. I help people build confidence to demonstrate their creative mind and to show up to do their best creative work when they want to and need to.

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Tom is a caring person and inspired me with positivity; he has a talent in helping people look clearly inside their ideas. The weekly 1:1 sessions were meaningful. I would highly recommend consultations with Tom for those wanting to explore their ideas and take them to the next level.

Sachio N. (Entrepreneur, Stanford LEAD Regional Ambassador)


With no industry peers to set me in the right direction, I approached Tom for advice. We had a really useful session which helped me understand where my strengths were and where I could develop. Tom doesn't focus on telling you what you should do but how best to understand your own skills. I’m starting a job as an Interaction Designer so the proof is there!

Murray L. (UX Designer)

What's the difference between coaching and mentoring?

My role as a coach is to help you understand the challenges you're facing and prime you to think about them differently. We're not leaning into my career experience; we're leveraging yours.

From landing a new client to issues with collaboration and communication, coaching with me is about helping you identify the skills you have, unlocking the potential you have, and prompting you to think deeply about reaching your aspirations.

Design mentoring sessions with me are one-to-one conversations focussed on you. I'm here to listen, understand your scenario, and to guide you. Chances are I've been in your shoes at one time or another; I bring that expertise to our conversations and provide practical advice to help you address your challenges and move forward.

Rarely 'one and done', mentoring sessions might run for a period of months where I walk with you on your journey and provide the support you need to accomplish your goals.

FAQs & Extra Information

I get it but is it the right time for me?

I totally understand that you’re in a good place right now and you’re confident to move ahead at your own pace. Coaching can be beneficial at almost any time if you come into it with an open mind.

You might have a nagging doubt or irritating question that just won’t leave you alone; that’s where a coach can help! We can pick that question apart and find the right action to take to set you up for success.

What have other people come to you for?

No two coachees are the same; everyone is unique in their own way. We can discuss any challenges you might have in your work or life as a creative pro. However, the following areas are common conversation starts I've had with clients over the years.

Uncovering and resolving career challenges.

Finding your niche as a creative pro.

Levelling up your practical skills.

Making a career switch (or giant leap!) into design and other creative spaces.

Presenting yourself and your work.

Finding your way of working with clients.

Navigating design work in the real world.

Improving your communication to engage your team.

Become a stronger, more focussed collaborator.

I want guidance but I'm not sure where I need help. Does that matter?

Don’t even worry about it! Together we will identify areas that mean something to you and places that you want to get to. We’ll turn ‘not knowing where to turn’ into action and direction.

How can you help me if you don't know the area in which I work?

A coach can help you identify goals, challenges, and opportunities for growth by asking the right questions; not by providing ‘the right answers’. It’s a collaboration to help you find the answers you need.

If you need area-specific help and someone to pass on their expertise, a mentor might be what you need right now.

Can’t I just find this stuff online for free?

Well, yes, you could - the internet is a big place and you could find plenty coaching-type questions and solutions that might be useful to you. What coaching does is unearth the challenges you’re really facing, define the goals you really want to achieve, and deliver results that are personal to you.

It’s not a Google search or cookie-cutter question/answer session.

I guess I’m OK picking through these problems on my own...?

It’s awesome that you’re confident and comfortable to tackle the challenges you’ve got. Sometimes though, having someone take a ‘thousand yard view’ of everything you’re doing can help you identify more than just the challenge you think you really need to work on.

I am here to laser-focus your energy, self-motivated learning and growth.

I don’t have the time to focus on this right now.

It’s a shame that you’re not making the time for your own growth and development. Life does find a way of blocking our path but that’s no reason not to put yourself at the front of the queue from time to time.

A brief coaching engagement can help you find a single target to aim for; something that’s meaningful to you that you can fit into your busy life.

I could do with the help but I don’t have the money for it.

Money should never be a barrier to entry as far as I am concerned. Send me an email and let’s talk.

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