It sucks to feel you don’t have someone in your corner.

Let's change that together.

Find your tribe

You’re out here - creative, self-employed and loving it -  because you were sick and tired of other peoples’ business bullshit. Although it can be a lonely old thing doing it for yourself doesn’t mean you have to do it by yourself.

This mastermind is the group to give you what you need as a creative professional and as an all-round awesome human being, too. Support from like-minded peers and the get-up-and-go energy you deserve to propel you skywards.

Meeting once a month your close-knit group comes together to surround you with awesome community, focussed support, and the accountability you need to get shit done.

Why join?


The best thing about being in a group? You’re not alone.

You’ve an easy introduction to a community of people who are in a very similar spot to you. Achieving greatness takes a village…

Group Power

The strongest solutions come from collaboration; sharing knowledge, stories, and insights from lives well-lived.

Your group can share where they have been, looking at it through your lens.


No more pushed deadlines or getting in your own way.

Your group is here to support you in finishing what you start, celebrate when you win, and pick you up when you slip.

Tom was a great coach and helped me massively with the million thoughts rushing around my head. He always knew the question to ask to make me stop and think. It was a 100% safe space. No judgement, no pushing of agenda, just a calm yet serious space to solve problems. He helped during my rebranding process but I found each session so helpful that we shall continue to work together into the future!

Ben, Anico Studio

Get the right people in your corner

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Pause and read this.

This group is here to support you in what matters to you. Why? Because those around you understand what it's like in your shoes.

You can take every challenge one step at a time; your group will support you.

You’ll shout so loud about what delights you; your group will shout with you.

You’ll become confident to say ‘This is my success!’; your group will celebrate with you.

Best of all? You’re all individuals and can show up just as you are.

There're no collective goals or pressures to reach the same place; you’re working on your journey.

Your Guide

Image of Tom Jepson, coach for creative freelancers

I’m Tom, your facilitator and guide through your peer support sessions.

I am an ICF-trained coach and have been employed in the creative industries for over 15 years. I run my own business, starting it from the ground up, so know all too well what it can feel like when you are in your own head; looking for answers to questions that you, honest to goodness, aren’t sure are even supposed to be asked.

My role in is to ensure you are supported and feel set for success in your way after every session. I'll bring questions, challenges, and buckets of enthusiastic energy every single time we speak.

The Details


Groups cost £125/month or £75/month if you are having 1:1 coaching with me.

Payments are monthly or up-front.


A 90-minute online session every month plus accountability check-ins and additional workshop spaces for members of every group.


There will be 4 amazing creatives per group.

Each group runs for min. 6 months.

The most beneficial thing was being able to share the intertwined mix of personal business; it’s hard to find the right place to do that when you’re self-employed. Tom truly listened to me and provided a mirror to help me understand myself better. He’s generous with his time; his advice; the nudges in the right direction but never projected his own agenda into the conversation. I was very happy with our sessions!

Maria, Freelance Email Marketer

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