Creative Freelance Freedom

Group sessions to design your creative life, stay inspired, and shine a light on what matters most to you.

I want to talk!

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Running your business…

You want to talk to your clients so they get you
You want to make the right money for your valuable work
You want balance in work, life, and everything in between
You don’t want to feel like you’re doing it totally on your own

What’s really possible?

You can do the work you love all the time
You can have the free weekend, the morning of Netflix, and the afternoon off to see a friend without the FOMO
You can put the things that matter to you most at the front of the queue
“If you're at the beginning of your creative freelance journey or just wanting someone to support you in figuring out your next steps, I can recommend Tom as a thoughtful, caring, and genuine coach who wants nothing more than to see you shine!”
Lily, The Intervention Bureau

Your Coaching Group

Welcome, my friend. You’re home. It’s time you had a good look at what you’re doing in your business; has some of the ‘good stuff’ you started with has begun to slip away?

This group… It is here to support you in what matters to you. Why? Because the others get it.

You can take every challenge one step at a time; your group will support you.

You’ll shout so loud about what delights you; your group will shout with you.

You’ll become more confident than ever to say ‘This is my success!’; your group will celebrate with you.

I want to talk!

...or read on to learn more.

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“I found myself easily talking to Tom - he just inspires that and creates a safe space. He is a nurturer, an incredible listener and someone who can really help you understand how you're feeling about complicated things.”
Dana, P&Co

Why join the group?


The best thing about being in a group? You’re not alone. You’ve an easy-in to a community of people who are in a very similar spot to you. After all, achieving greatness takes a village…

Image showing a diverse group of four individuals


No more pushed deadlines or getting in your own way. Your group is here to support you in finishing what you start, celebrate when you win, and pick you up when you slip.

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Group Power!

The strongest solutions come from collaboration; sharing knowledge, stories, and insights from lives well-lived. Your group can share where they have been, looking at it through your lens.

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Let's Talk?

Ready to say ‘No more!’ to going it alone? Let's have that conversation.

There are no sales pitches; only an informal chat. It’s super important that the group is a good fit for you before you commit to joining.

I am here to make sure you get what you need and that the group comes together in harmony!

Hi, I'm Tom.

When it comes to creative work, I’ve ‘been there, done that, and got the t-shirt’ - as an employee, a side-hustle freelancer, and now as a business owner. 15 years in the world of design has taught me a whole lot about how work works, what clients expect, and what truly matters to me as an individual.

Now - as an ICF-trained coach - I help creative freelancers design their most inspired, successful life focussed on what matters most to them.

With me:

You never need to worry about saying what you want because what you want matters
You don’t need to explain yourself when you’re having a rough day or really disliking the client you’ve taken on!
You can unleash your wildest, most ‘out there’ ideas and let your creative river run
You can be yourself every damn time we speak
Image of Tom Jepson, coach for creative freelancers

Programme Themes

Since the group is focussed on the life and times of creative freelance business, there are foundational areas which experience has shown are important. Each session will have suggested themes; the group decides where we focus, however.

This is not team coaching. There are no collective goals or requirements to reach the same place; you’re focussing on your goals.

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
“Tom has a deep understanding of what it takes to be a freelancer in the creative industry, and how hard it can be to put boundaries in place to ensure that freelancing doesn’t drown you.”
Sarah, The Coaching Revoultion

The support network for you, the individual

This group is here to support you. You’re going to come away knowing exactly what success looks like for you; you’ll have a clear understanding of what you can control, can influence, and cannot affect at all when it comes to taking action in your creative, freelance business.

You’re going to grow in confidence with every session and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the challenges you might be facing in a way which you might not experience working on your own.

The best part of the group? Everyone is here to listen to you. You can sound things out and, if you want input from the group, you’ll get it. If you don’t? That’s fine, too.

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Important Information

The Costs

Creative Freelance Freedom costs £45/session (£90 to secure your place then two additional payments of £90). You can pay a reduced rate of £260 by paying for the programme up-front.

What's Included

There are six 90-minute sessions, one every two weeks: that's six sessions over a three-month period.

There’ll be opportunities to chat with your fellow members outside of the sessions in a private chat, plus there is the Creative Freelance Freedom community at large; once you’re in, you’re in!


Each working group will have between 5-7 members.

This is the 'magic number' - it ensures everyone’s voice gets heard and that everyone has the opportunity to engage with each other.

When does it run?

The first cohort will begin in September 2022 with additional groups opening in October and then January 2023.

There will be groups available for those in the UK / Europe and the US.

Let's Talk?

Ready to say ‘No more!’ to going it alone? Let's have that conversation.

There are no sales pitches; only an informal chat. It’s super important that the group is a good fit for you before you commit to joining.

I am here to make sure you get what you need and that the group comes together in harmony!