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Working with me.

Hey! I'm going to assume that if you've landed here you are - in the very least - interested in what working with me looks like. Lucky for you I want to make it as clear and easy as possible since working with new people should never feel like work!

Here is how you can work with me as either a design client or as a coachee.


As a user experience (UX) designer I offer a small number of easy-to-access services. While the structure looks simple, I want to make it super-clear that every client and project is treated as unique; there's no cookie cutter approach to getting the best work done.

Design On-Demand - A PAYG service

Need an experienced team member to get your project past the post? Want drop-in support to get your monthly design jobs done without the need to pay for a full-time employee? Looking for someone to support you and your decision-making team as you prepare to kickstart a brand new product design?

This could be for you!

For a flat rate you can engage me for a full calendar month* to work with your business; our pre-paid time together will ensure you get the support you need when you need it. It also means we can get started WAY more quickly than if we were to scope a bespoke project...

Monthly Programmes (PAYG)

You get everything a designer would do as an employee on your team, month-by-month.

What's it cost?

A one-month engagement costs £2,950.

Exclusive engagements where you are my only client in the month costs £5,150.

A month's engagement is based on approx. 60hrs of time (3 hrs/day, 5 days/week, 4 weeks/month). We can increase the number of hours you need for a small additional fee. I take on no more than 2-3 clients per month to ensure everyone has the support they need.

Bespoke Projects

Where you have specific project or piece of work in mind, a bespoke project may be better for you. This entails understanding your challenges, ideas, and goals to create a scope of work and provide an appropriate estimate.

This is a true tailored design service.

As a guideline for you, a typical 'new product' project requiring research, ideation, and design concepts would run for 3+ months and cost upwards of £7,500.

I do not quote a day rate for these projects because you are not buying time; you are buying expertise and outcomes for your project.


Coaching is one of the greatest pleasures I have in my business; begin able to work with unique individuals to help them learn, grow, and develop themselves into the success professional they want to be. What's more? They're doing it on their terms. I don't call my clients The Creative Rebels for nothing, you know!

I have two coaching services available: one-to-one coaching and a group coaching programme.

One-to-One Coaching

Learn more about what a 1:1 coaching programme looks like here.

To get started with 1:1 coaching we'll first have a conversation to learn where you are 'at' right now in your business or freelance career, if coaching is what you really need, and if I am the right coach for you.

I will not sell you something you don't need. If we are not a good fit (I'll know as well as you will) then you're not bound in any way to start working with me.

After that? We'll have a working agreement for our time together which you will sign. You'll pay for either the entire programme up front or in a series of instalments. After your first payment is made we can schedule our first session. It's THAT easy.

What's it cost?

A three-month 1:1 coaching programme costs £1,350.

The programme consists of 6 x 90-minute sessions with between-session check-ins using a private SIGNAL chat to help you stay on top of your progress. Over the course of three months, the sessions are booked at intervals to suit you (generally one every two weeks).

The Group Coaching Programme

Learn more about the Creative Rebels group coaching programme here.

There are groups starting in September '22 and additional groups opening in October and then January 2023. There will be groups available for those in the UK / Europe and the US.

Each working group will have between 5-7 members. This is the 'magic number' - it ensures everyone’s voice gets heard and that everyone has the opportunity to engage with each other.

What's it cost?

Creative Freelance Freedom costs £45/session (£90 to secure your place then two additional payments of £90). You can pay a reduced rate of £260 by paying for the programme up-front.

There are six 90-minute sessions, one every two weeks: that's six sessions over a three-month period. There’ll be opportunities to chat with your fellow members outside of the sessions in a private chat, plus there is the Creative Freelance Freedom community at large; once you’re in, you’re in!

Let's talk.

Whatever you'd like to talk about - design or coaching - let's make time to do it! You can book a slot in my diary here or email me directly at hello@tomjepsoncreative.com