15 Minutes with... - "Coaching the Rebels"

Ashley Leeds and I went deep on what coaching for creative people really looks like; the differences between mentoring and coaching; plus the struggles that many creatives face as they're trying to build a business from their skillsets.

Check out our conversation on the podcast or the live video!

Charleh with Friends - "Putting YOU into your business"

Charleh Dickinson holds space like nobody else and we got into the weeds of a big question faster than a whippet. We talked about "What makes you tick in your business?" and how your can find your own version of success and take steps, every day, to achieve it.

We bounced through our 30 minute chat and I'm delighted to share it here.

Watch the show here!

Brunton Media Vodcast - "Creative Rebellion"

Carlton Brunton is a multimedia tour-de-force. He invited me to his programme to talk making the leap into freelance work, my philosophy of creative rebellion, and what success really can look if you're ready to call it out for yourself.

It was an on-the-nose conversation that, I hope, has stacks of impact. Check it out?

Watch the show here!

Talk the Talk - "Doing your thing, your way"

I had the joy to join ghostwriter extraordinaire and all-around rebellious creator Odessa Sherreard on her LIVE SHOW ‘Talk the Talk'

This space was an incredible way to do that; our 45 minutes flew by as Odessa asked insightful questions and tabled many topics that are dear to me. I’d encourage you to take a minute to watch the show replay!

Watch the replay here!

MMMW - "Freelance Philosophy with Tom Jepson."

It was a joy to chat with Tom O'Malley for his podcast 'Making Money Making Websites'. We went deep on what it means to run your own business as a creative freelancer; your values, saying no, living with tough decisions...

I hope you enjoy listening to the conversation as much as I enjoyed having it.

Listen on Tom's website here!

The Road to Greatness - "The Power of Values, Living Authentically, and the ONE thing."

I had the pleasure of joining Maikel Michiels for his show 'The Road to Greatness'. It was a fantastic conversation - we could have run way longer than we did. This conversation went into a vulnerable space about what makes you -you- in your business and how compromising on your values can leave you in a bad, bad spot.

Check out the episode and some of the other great ones Maikel has recorded.

Listen on Maikel's Buzzsprout here!