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MMMW - "Freelance Philosophy with Tom Jepson."

It was a joy to chat with Tom O'Malley for his podcast 'Making Money Making Websites'. We went deep on what it means to run your own business as a creative freelancer; your values, saying no, living with tough decisions...

I hope you enjoy listening to the conversation as much as I enjoyed having it.

Listen on Tom's website here!

The Road to Greatness - "The Power of Values, Living Authentically, and the ONE thing."

I had the pleasure of joining Maikel Michiels for his show 'The Road to Greatness'. It was a fantastic conversation - we could have run way longer than we did. This conversation went into a vulnerable space about what makes you -you- in your business and how compromising on your values can leave you in a bad, bad spot.

Check out the episode and some of the other great ones Maikel has recorded.

Listen on Maikel's Buzzsprout here!