For some, the idea of a 'lifestyle' business sounds like a flimsy way of saying "I just don't want to do that much work anymore". You're putting your desire to do all the fun stuff above professional progress and 'making success happen'.

But wait.

What if I told you that your lifestyle is the cornerstone of your business?

What if I said the fact that you want more than just work and exchanging skills & time for money is the reason you started working for yourself in the first place?

It's not much of a stretch to imagine, is it.

Our business and work tasks should not be all-consuming, even if we love it. It's not just about making money and then going home; leaving all your energy in one place only to find you've nothing left to enjoy the space that is actually yours.

What's the point?

The point is this: the way you want to conduct your life and orchestrate the professional parts that others see is entirely up to you.

There're no expectations to manage or benchmarks to reach.

You've started something that will support the way you want to live and not the other way around. It is entirely possibly to do enough for what you want, reach a pinnacle of success, and create the space for everything else life has to offer.

It starts with knowing who you are and what you value. Not a small ask, I know. Tuning in to how your body works; when your mind is in its most malleable, creative state. These things are a super-power.

Bringing this into focus means no more 'forcing the work to happen' or 'pushing through a slump' just to get the work done. You'll be working how you want, when you want. You'll be doing things you truly enjoy.

You're supporting the way that you want to live because you've said that your life is worth more than just the work you're doing. It's for this reason that your choice to work for yourself is the best thing you've ever done.

👉 If putting your life first in your business feels like too much of an ask, drop me a comment and lets have a chat. Maybe I can help?