I wanted to write something of value all about values; something I harp on about with frequency. Finding your values; living and breathing what you value most; knowing yourself better...

But - when I sat to commit words to screen - there was nothing. Nothing I wanted to say that I thought might be 'of value' or 'relatable' to you, dear friend. After all, who am I to talk about YOUR values when we neither know each other or live similar lives? And why would you want to read some of the same old self-help tropes, trotted out for the sake of word-count and readers' eyeballs?

The concept of defining our personal values has been written about for eons and a quick Google search will tell you more than I ever could summarise in 500 words.

And right there is my AHA! moment.

Who am I to talk about YOUR values? I'm in no place to.

This is one of my values.

Not pretending to know every detail of a person before I get to know them deeply; not tarring everyone with the same brush; not being a 'knower' but staying a 'learner' always.

Oftentimes, the question of 'values' is a BIG one that makes people pretty uncomfortable. It's a definition. A label. A statement of fact about yourself that makes you - in part - kinda vulnerable. I mean, what if someone - gasp! - disagrees with you?!!!?

What if... What if... What if...

It doesn't matter. Not one bit. The things YOU value as an individual are the best part of you. They act as a guide and shape your approach to life. You might call them 'gut feelings' or maybe you're conscious of them 24/7. Either way, nobody can define them. That's a YOU thing.

This is the value of values. They're personal.

It can take years of living to fully understand yourself and what you value in life. Your values might change as you gain more knowledge, forge your path, and make a shit-load of mistakes. You might meet someone who opens your eyes so wide that you have no choice but to reframe what you believe.

This is the value of values. They can change.

I wanted to write something about values and in doing so was able to live one of mine. It took a little shake of my snow globe to remember it; these things do get buried when we are doing the do day after day.

If you've never thought too hard about what it is you REALLY value when it comes to your life, your work, or your business there's no better time than right now to take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask: "What do I really value?".

(If you want to talk about finding your values and living them every damn day through your business, I'm here for you. Chuck me a message and let's have a chat!)