A supportive, professional community for self-employed carers and parent-carers.

Self-employed or freelance? Parent-carer or carer for another family member?

This is your community for connection, professional peer-to-peer support, and networking. Its purpose is to offer a safe, supportive space when you are looking to connect with likeminded, similar-experience individuals.

This is a space to support one another, raise each other up, and help you achieve the kinds of success you want for your businesses as you run it alongside your life as a carer.

At the end of the day, we all need someone to say "You know what? I get it." This is why Cornerstone exists. Because all of us ... we get it.

Welcome to Cornerstone.

Why a community?

It’s important for people to feel connection with others in a similar situation, sharing experiences and learning from one another. That alignment with another person ... it can make even the toughest day a little easier.

It can be hard to explain to others why your day is particularly challenging or how you’ve got to clear yet-another-day because of an appointment; having a community around you who understands and can help you work through it could become a cornerstone of success for many self-employed people.

It’s easy to feel isolated when you've challenging dynamics to balance; a community who understands can alleviate this feeling. You spend so much of your energy supporting others, you really need a place which can support you!

People need a space to find the right opportunities for them; things which fit around their life, not the other way around. Cornerstone promotes opportunity sharing and referral; growing your network is a great source for new opportunities.

Who is this community for?

While there are no hard pre-requisites to becoming a member of Cornerstone, the community is here - primarily - to bring together those who are self-employed (freelance, running a small business, contractor etc) and who have responsibilities as a carer for another individual.


We all have many dimensions and having something - like our own business - is important for our sense of self, control, and place in the world. We are - as individuals - uniquely positioned to understand what it’s like to balance all the important things.


Joining Cornerstone is both simple and affordable.

For a small monthly fee you are accessing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and support; you're helping your peers access it, too. By joining you are enabling the community to grow and explore new ways to make the membership experience as valuable as possible.

What does it cost?

Joining costs £6.50 per month (Less than coffee and cake from your favourite café!)

What do I get as a member?

The 'launch version' of Cornerstone has its home in an easy-access WhatsApp community. This is the quickest, easiest way to start the conversation with new people.

There is a monthly meet-up / networking event held online where you can get face-to-face with other community members, share where you're at right now, find support and offer it.

What's coming?

This is a community made for and by its members. As we grow the ways we meet, share, and collaborate will grow, too. A new online home, more meet-ups each month, talks and workshops, extra connections ... It's all very exciting!

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Tom. I am a parent-carer for a young person with life-long disabilities. I'm also self-employed.

Just one of these paths would be challenging enough to navigate. Both together? That could be a recipe for a whole lot of stress. Experience taught me that finding the support of people who truly 'get' what it is like to live the life of a carer and establish yourself as a successful business person is challenging. Really challenging.

I have found aspects of carer life (and self-employment life) to be very isolating; that feeling of balancing everything on your own. Even with the support of other family members or professional networks, you're often still doing things by yourself.

My desire for this community is to be a space for amazing, multi-faceted people; a space where we can share the challenges that come with this life; a space where we can lean into the support of our network and find professional opportunities that truly work around our responsibilities and not the other way around.

Join today.

Ready for your new community? Cornerstone's here for you. Hit the button to begin.

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