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Hey, I'm Tom!

A tiny bio.

I am Tom; creative-to-the-core individual who works with other creative freelancers, helping them get the most from their amazing talent and desire to work on their terms.

I’m a family guy with an incredibly supportive wife and two wonderful kiddos; I am a carer for my eldest who is life-long disabled (he has leukodistrophy and epilepsy) and requires 24/7 care. This dynamic drove me to work for myself, has taught me so much about priorities, how I define myself, and how I can help others. Plus. if you ever want to know how to dismantle and repair a wheelchair, I’m your guy!

I have been around the block when it comes to work: Customer service work, retail, corporate secretarial work, communications and events management, design roles from junior to senior, lead, and manager, design freelancer, and now coach!

It’s been a journey and one which I will never discount. Everything’s contributed to where I am today, here, right now.

Working with me you get a partner, a champion, and a cheerleader. You get someone who knows that ‘knowing it all’ isn’t possible and there are more than a handful of ways around any challenge. You get someone who is here to listen first and ask questions later!

If you want a chat, my inbox is open. If you want support in your freelancing, my inbox is open. If you just want to say ‘Hello!’ - you guessed it - my inbox is open.

words from others

As I was starting my creative business, Tom coached me through several relationships with challenging clients that I didn't quite know how to handle on my own. Whenever I needed to talk through what to do next, Tom was my sparring partner, even outside of our coaching sessions.

If you're at the beginning of your creative freelance journey or just wanting someone to support you in figuring out your next steps, I can recommend Tom as a thoughtful, caring, and genuine coach who wants nothing more than to see you shine!

Lily Higgins, The Intervention Bureau

Tom is a skilled, quick & talented UX designer whose UX audits are a work of literal art. But the real value he brings to the project is his profound empathy and curiosity about people and their experiences.

When he told me he was moving from designer to coach, it made immediate sense to me. I found myself easily talking to him about the emotional impact of the projects we were on—he just inspires that and creates a safe space. He is a nurturer, an incredible listener and someone who can really help you understand how you're feeling about complicated things. Always a pleasure to work with him and will continue to do so whenever the chance arises.

Dana Publicover, P&Co